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Another Faust

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AUTOR: Daniel and Dina Nayeri
EDITORIAL: Candlewick Press
TEMA: Literatura juvenil
ISBN: 9780763648343
IDIOMA: Español

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On a single night, five children from cities across Europe vanish, only to reappear years later at an exclusive New York holiday party with their strange but beautiful governess. Madame Vileroy. Rumor and intrigue follow the teenagers as they attend the exclusive Manhattan Marlowe School, where they rise to suspicious heights using the ”gifts” given to them by their governess. Though it seems like simple fun at first, the five soon learn that their newfound talents are far more potent than they had ever imagined, and far more addictive. Even as the side effects of pursuing their personal obsessions begin to show, these ambitious teens are intent on achieving their goals at any cost... until two of them uncover a secret even more shocking than their own most unforgivable sins.

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